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Insurgent comes out on May 1st, if I’m not mistaken

Soooo excited!

Anonymous said:
OH MY GOD BREAKING BAD IS SO AMAZING. so people say that gus dies in season 4 but idk.

I just ended the 3rd season! So it’s ok if Gus dies, he’s ot a favorite anymore hahah :)

Just finished Season 3 of Breaking Bad on Netflix,

it just takes over my lifeee. I love TV

but I still love my reads, more :)



I’m sorry, ma’am, but if you develop a bruise “the size of a waffle” (??) on your arm after getting the flu shot, that’s not an allergic reaction.

That’s your warfarin preventing you from clotting easily.

It’s really funny when people describe allergic reactions that aren’t actually a reaction.  

“Oh, well when I take hydrocodone and don’t eat, I get nausea”



Crying, because its true. Overhearing pharmacist consults are so funny/sad.

I’m kind of in love with Jesse from Breaking Bad,

And Gus is a favorite too!

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